It adds unique texture and color to your home increase its appeal and perceived value.
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Product Thichness : 0.8"-1.9"
Product Quality : Premium
Weight : 79 lbs
Product Size : L19.6"/11.8"/7.8" x W3.9"
Description :

L19.6"xW3.9"; L11.8"xW3.9"; L7.8"xW3.9"

9.8 sq.ft/box; 79 lb/box

Great Stone is basically a lightweight stone veneer made of Portland cement, chosen aggregates and iron oxide pigments to achieve natural stone texture. With rich experience in this field, we continuously develop new stone selections and production technology. We are proud of supplying exceptional quality product to satisfy all of our customers.

Greatstone is easy to install on any existing or new walls; no special tools are required. It increases value of commercial or residential plans, interior or exterior, large or small, remodeled or newly built.

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